Sunday, 18 December 2011

What Will You Get In LOI1 Remake?

In response to questions about what will be in the mod and what players can expect, here's a list of what you'll get in Legends of Iconoclast Part 1 : The Scourge of Humanity:

-28 levels, 14 of which are brand new and never seen before! Explore new areas such as the Sewage System, Deadwood Forest, Catacombs, Ramparts of Fortitude, Forbidden Thicket, and the spinechilling Phantom Wood!
-Improved level design. Some levels will have more sprites, new sectors, more special effects, and more sounds.
-All levels now have improved lighting. They will also have depth cueing.
-Features of the Plasma Pak are available: new enemies, new weapon modes, new art, and new sounds.
-Dozens of new sounds!
-Twenty eight new music tracks!
-Improved storyline. Due to criticism of Caleb's portrayal from anti-hero to hero, there will be a new protagonist and new antagonist.
-Due to complaints of long text cutscene times, readable text files will come with the game. Messages will pop up at the end of certain levels telling you which file to read so you can follow the storyline.
-An estimated five hours gameplay time!

Sounds exciting? It is, believe me! I've already played through it all myself today!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Upcoming Release For Part 1

Even though I have completed all twenty-eight levels, Scourge of Humanity is not quite ready for release (almost though). I still have to playtest the whole thing and finish writing the text files containing the storyline. At earliest, expect the mod to be release before the New Year! If not, sometime early in the New Year!

Once I am done playtesting the mod and writing the text files, I will get some other bloodlites to do some more playtesting. If the release of the recently released Death Wish taught us anything, it's to make sure you got enough playtesters.

Heart of Stone (Final Level)

E5M5 - Heart of Stone

As Edward and Minerva hurry off to forge the Sword of Iconoclast, Logan closes in on Garibaldi who awaits him somewhere within this final stronghold. But Garibaldi is well prepared for any assassin and the path to the throne room of the castle is blocked by his most powerful minions, including his two personal bodyguards. Logan must destroy all resistance in order to advance to the final confrontation in a battle that will decide not just the fate of the land, but the fate of all humanity!

Obviously, the final new level in part 1.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Garibaldi's Tower

E5M4 - Garibaldi's Tower

With all four elemental swords in his possession, Logan only needs the Sword of Darkness in order to forge the Sword of Iconoclast. The only place left to search is the tower at the very heart of the castle. It is also inside this tower where Garibaldi imprisoned Edward's true love princess Minerva, his own unrequited love. Logan must fight his way up the tower, clear a path for Edward to reunite with his lost love, and recover the Sword of Darkness.

Replaces "The Horned King's Tower".

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Shrine of Elemental Destiny

E5M3 - Shrine of Elemental Destiny

Somewhere within this stronghold is the altar where the four elemental swords combine their powers into the Sword of Darkness to forge the Sword of Iconoclast, the only known artifact with the power to undo Garibaldi's curse over the land. But first, Logan must prove his worth by overcoming the trials of the elements of fire, water, earth, and sky. The future of the land depends on his ability to pass all four tests.

Replaces "The Royal Hall".

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halls of Lazarus

E5M2 - Halls of Lazarus

Edward has already managed to escape the dungeon, but he left a message for Logan to meet him at the Shrine of Elemental Destiny. Logan must now make his way through the chambers where the great Lazarus once resided, from the library to the private office of Lazarus himself as he continues the search for his friend.

Some sectors from the original Chambers of Torment were reused for this level, along with the following additions and changes.

-Changed textures.
-Added more secrets.
-Added more sectors.
-Added more sprites.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dungeon of Torment

E5M1 - Dungeon of Torment

Not long after freeing Edward, Logan and his new friend are captured by the Scourge. While Edward is taken into the dungeon for imprisonment, Logan is escorted to the gallows for his execution. Luckily, Logan is able to overpower his captors. Now he must fight his way through the execution grounds and Garibaldi's dungeon to free Edward.

This map combines the original Gibbet of Stone and Deathtrap Dungeon. The following changes were made:

-Added new sectors and removed several others.
-Added more sprites.
-Added several new traps and removed several others.
-Added a couple new secrets.
-Changed many textures and sounds.
-Added gibbable corpses.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Forsaken Citadel

E4M6 - Forsaken Citadel

Somewhere within this stronghold is the enchanted tree which is actually the bard Edward, the bethrothed to Princess Minerva. Only the Sword of Earth, located in this part of the castle, can undo the curse long cast by Garibaldi over the bard. Logan must locate the sword and the tree to release Edward.

This map was constructed using sectors from the original "Hall of Knights", "King's Court", "Tower of Murlock", and "Royal Crypt". The following changes were made to the sectors used:

-Changed textures.
-Added more sprites.
-Removed the spiders.
-Changed lava pits to gardens.
-Removed outdoor pools and fountains.
-Fixed the candle puzzle so that a candle cannot be repeatedly turned on and off to solve the puzzle.
-Removed the bridges and secrets from one area and added gardens.
-Added more enemies.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Stronghold of Lazarus

E4M5 - Stronghold of Lazarus

In an attempt to stop Logan from going any further, the Scourge destroy one of the bridges leading into this stronghold. Fortunately, they were not able to destroy the other before Logan interferes. He must now fight his way through this fortified citadel and further into the heart of the castle.

Changes from original map:

-Added more sectors and removed several others.
-Added a couple of fireball traps.
-Changed the starting and ending locations.
-Added more sprites.
-Reduced the number of gillbeasts.
-The skull key switch has been moved and now actually requires the skull key in order to be used.
-Changed some items.
-Added new secrets.
-Added more enemies.
-Changed many textures.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Ramparts of Fortitude

E4M4 - Ramparts of Fortitude

Emerging from the underhalls, Logan must now penetrate the outer defenses of the castle. Just as the gauntlet must be pierced to cut the hand, so too must the shield be penetrated to attack the body. But this shield is fully capable of protecting itself as are the troops stationed within. Sometimes the best defense is a great offense!

Another brand new level. Replaces "Inner Courtyard". Check it out at:

Since I uploaded it, the following changes were made:

-Trees are now flammable.
-Changed some enemy item drops.
-Lowered elevation of some openings.
-Changed location of underwater eye key and sawed-off shotgun.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


E4M3 - Catacombs

Beyond the storm drainage system of the castle, lies a dark and dank network of corridors and chambers that Logan must fight his way through to reach his next destination and resume his objective.

In the original LOI, this was the secret level, Tomb of Lazaurus, but now, it has the following changes:

-Added more new sectors.
-Changed many textures.
-Deleted some sectors.
-Added more decorations.
-Added more secrets.
-Added a fireball trap.
-Added more enemies.
-Reduced the number of spiders.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Stormdrain Watergate

E4M2 - Stormdrain Watergate

With further passage blocked, Logan is forced to descend into the storm drainage system to locate an alternate route through the castle. He must swim through underwater tunnels and make his way through dank chambers to locate the switch to raise the main watergate and allow him to resume his assault. But remember, while water is the element that gives life, certain creatures living under the surface can snatch it back.

Changes from original map:
-Added some new sectors.
-Changed some textures.
-Reduced the number of gillbeasts.
-Added metal gratings over some pools of water.
-Added more sprites to decorate.
-The rocks on the surface on one pool now bob up and down.
-Changed some items.
-Added several new secrets.
-Added some new sounds.
-The stone bridge raised by flipping two switches is now in position to be walked acrossed. The two switches have been removed.
-Removed the bats.
-Added some waterdrip generators.
-Removed the gargoyle statues near the switch that raises the main watergate.
-The sectors at the end of the level have been replaced. And it is no longer possible for your enemies to trigger the level exit.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Main Gate

E4M1 - Main Gate

Logan manages to infiltrate the main entrance of the castle through a well connected to the outer moat. Now he must raise the gates and fight his way inside past soldiers of both the Scourge and Garibaldi's undead army. Keep an eye out for the secret vault that rewards those who seek.

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures and added new sprites.
-Removed the eels from the well.
-Added a couple more secrets.
-Changed the order of symbols for both combination puzzles.
-Added some eels to the fountain.
-Added some spawnable enemies.
-The path you took to get to the secret level has been changed to reach a super secret. The secret level in the original version will now be a regular map.
-Changed some sounds.
-Added a few new sectors.
-You no longer need to jump back into the well to get back down after opening the gates.
-There is now only one switch in each of the towers. You can ride the elevators back down.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Scorch Cavern

E3M6 - Scorch Cavern

Within the heart of the mountain, Logan finds himself in a hellish cavern. To avoid being roasted alive in this volcanic environment, Logan must watch out for hellhounds and vegetation that can withstand the heat. To find his way out and reach the castle on the mountain summit, Logan must do battle with a vicious two-headed guardian. Can you take the heat?

Changes from original map:
-Added more gibbable stalagtites.
-Removed the hard to reach secret that was reached from dropping down a dark pit.
-Removed some hidden exploders, including the surprise explosion that occurred when you entered a certain tunnel near the beginning.
-Reduced the number of hellhounds and added some fire pods.
-Changed some textures and sounds.
-Added another secret.
-Gibbable statues replaced with pushable stone pillars.
-Added drip generators.
-Placed an armed proximity mine near cracked walls you need to blow to proceed.
-Changed/removed certain items.
-The lava river you jump over at the start has been changed to a stone platform that lowers when a stone pillar is pushed. This was done to avoid "trapping".

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lazarus Peak

E3M5 - Lazarus Peak

The boat takes Logan to a lone island where stands a great mountain where a powerful wizard named Lazurus made his home. Somewhere up above is the castle that Garibaldi now uses as his base. Logan must make his ascent and navigate waterfalls, cliffs, and lava fields. One wrong move means certain death from broken bones or from being roasted alive.

Changes from original map:

-Added new sectors and removed several others.
-Added more secrets.
-Changed some textures.
-Added new special effects including sliding sectors.
-Removed most of the zombies from the sectors kept from the original version.
-Removed most items from the secret atop a stone pillar.
-Added more sounds.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Forbidden Thicket

E3M4 - Forbidden Thicket

In exchange for breaking Garibaldi's curse over the land, Murlock promises to send Logan back to Earth. Logan accepts the deal and begins his new mission. First he must make his way through the Dunkilus forests and swamps to reach the boat Murlock has prepared for this day.

Another brand new level.

Murlock's Keep

E3M3 - Murlock's Keep

Located beyond the barracks of the forsaken village, Logan discovers an old mansion, which unknown to him is home to the wizard Murlock, the only person to escape Garibaldi's curse. Could Logan be the savior Murlock has been waiting for?

This is another replacement level. Replaces the "Tower of Murlock".

Dunkilus Gate

E3M2 - Dunkilus Gate

Deep within the forest, Logan finds another forsaken town inhabited only by stone statues. Could it have something to do with Garibaldi's vengeful curse long ago?

Changes from original map:

-Changed some textures.
-Added some new sectors and removed a few.
-Changed bodies of water into swamps.
-Added a few new secrets.
-Shooting the bell in the bell tower now actually does something. You need to do so to find the super secret.
-Removed the zombies and a large portion of the bats.
-Added eels, gillbeasts, and a few spiders.
-Added more sprites to decorate.
-Changed appearance of statues.
-You can now jump over the ramparts.

Phantom Wood

E3M1 - Phantom Wood

Beyond Garibaldi's cathedral, Logan enters a haunted forest. Eerie winds, howling wolves, and a battle with the mother spider will test his nerves and his courage.

Probably one of the most spine-chilling levels ever made for Blood. Check it out at:

Since I uploaded it, I made the following changes:

-Removed the rocks from near the end.
-Removed one of the green pods.
-Placed a secret in the well.

Garibaldi's Sanctuary

E2M7 - Garibaldi's Sanctuary

Logan stumbles upon Garibaldi's private garden where he confronts the evil archbishop. Garibaldi retreats however, but not before summoning four demonic gargoyles to deal with the "traitor". One thing's for sure, Logan does not intend to die so easily.

New boss level.