Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Details About Part 3

Today, I will release some details about the third and final part of the LOI Trilogy remake.

Part 3 will be entitled "Valiant Destiny" and will reintroduce us to Vincent Valiant Orbison from the original as the protagonist. He is Logan's great grand-son. Other known character from the original will appear including Estella and Valkereye, who like Vincent will all have improved characterization.

Part 3's story will be darker and more epic than that of Unfinished Business. The game will have more than twenty-eight levels, making it larger than part 1 or 2. Unlike the original, there will be a few levels set on Earth. Ideas I have so far for maps include the following which have not been seen yet in the series so far:


-train station
-lakes and streams
-shrines and temples
-undersea base
-ocean rig
-frozen tundra

New characters introduced to the remake are Estella's mother and two older sisters, the oldest of which is a half-sister and a minor antagonist, several members of the resistance, and a couple of restless spirits.

On my next post, I'll release the plot.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Plans For LOI3

More than a month after the release of LOI2: Unfinished Business, downloads are still slow. I'm still a little disappointed by the low number of downloads. All together on all sites where the file is, only about 150 people have downloaded the game.

But fear not faithful Bloodlites. This does not mean I will cancel plans for the third and final part in the remake trilogy. As you all know, the original LOI3 was considered the best in the trilogy. It was the biggest and the largest segment of the trilogy. And the same will happen with the remake to LOI3.

Continuing the tradition of Scourge of Humanity and Unfinished Business, part 3 will be made better. The story will be improved, as will level design. I'm still gathering ideas for the story, but in the end, the story will be more complex than that of Unfinished Business. Who knows? I may need more than twenty eight levels.

Part 3 will introduce us to a familiar hero from the original (no, not Caleb as he's more of an anti-hero and a lot of people didn't like his transformation to a hero in the original). Part 3 will tie up the loose ends left at the end of Unfinished Business. Like Unfinished Business, most of the levels will be remade or even replaced altogether and adding new levels. There will be new music, new sounds, and the overall game will be more complex, epic, and darker. The story will introduce new characters not seen in the original LOI3, and those who appeared will be redone.

Overall, it will be a worthy and satisfying conclusion to the LOI remake trilogy.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Unfinished Business Released!

Finally, after five years of waiting, the community of bloodlites can rejoice! The day it here when the next chapter in the remake of the LOI trilogy is available for download! This actually comes with an installer to keep your Blood directory cleaner (unlike Scourge of Humanity). So far, this collection of maps for Blood is my best work so far!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Unfinished Business Storyline Differences From Original

-Character development has been improved.
-Set almost two months instead of twenty years.
-There are two new lands: Judgiollas and Pandorium. Parts of Judgiollas are explored.
-The action takes place over the course of nearly two weeks instead of one day.
-There is no plan to unite the kingdoms of Iconoclast and Dunkilus.
-The prince and princess of Iconoclast are removed as is the prince and princess of Dunkilus. Minerva however is one month pregnant.
-Kain is now the prince of Tamirtania instead of the king of Dunkilus.
-Gwendolyn is now Edward's sister.
-Leoric does not escort Logan into the area where the enemy fortress is located.
-Penelope is the only one of the four heirs to appear, but instead of the princess of Dunkilus, she is now a guard of Iconoclast and Captain Leoric's daughter.
-Albrecht is no longer a one-time only character who was arranged to marry Agnes. He is now a watchman of Naphorphia and Minerva's cousin. He does fall in love with Penelope, and vise versa.
-Instead of being devastated as it was in the original, Dunkilus is spared due to surrendering its elemental sword.
-Protagonist's friend is now second in command of the enemy army instead of its commander.
-Protagonist's people are unaware of his deeds.
-The family of the protagonist's friend do not appear or appeal to the protagonist. Instead, the wife of the protagonist's friend died together with her unborn children during a botched mugging.
-Protagonist is now involved in attempting to prevent the elemental swords from falling into the enemy hands. He is also involved in the recovery of the Sword of Darkness and indirectly aids in the restoration of Raven Dark.
-Raven Dark's character is vastly changed and improved. Instead of a dark lord type, he is now a tragic sympathetic villain whose motives have changed. Instead of the first king of the land, he is a former knight of another land.
-The Sword of Judgment plays a much larger role and is introduced much earlier in the story. Its powers are revealed. It is destroyed during the final battle.
-Murlock's character is expanded and more of his past is revealed.
-Agnes is introduced much earlier in the story. She is now an innkeeper's daughter of Arcanius and has a much better relationship with her father. Her friendship with the protagonist is much more developed.
-Protagonist is not ambushed and critically wounded during the first confrontation with his friend.
-Instead of a cathedral, the protagonist recovers in a monastery.
-Protagonist actually meets the spirit of Lazarus, unlike the remake of part 1.
-Lazarus' past is changed and explored.
-Protagonist interacts with the previous installment's antagonist when he appears in spirit form.
-Other than Agnes, the hostages imprisoned in the fortress are Edward, Gwendolyn, Albrecht, the protagonist's mother, and a scout employed by Iconoclast who is ultimately revealed to be a spy working for the enemy.
-The antagonistic relationship between the protagonist and Raven Dark is much more expanded upon.
-The mystic gods do not appear. Instead, a story is told about seven deities who ultimately surrendered their divinity. One of them forged the Sword of Judgment, the others created the Obsidian of Souls.
-The Obsidian of Souls is mentioned, but does not appear. Pandora's Amethyst and the Eye of the Beholder are not mentioned. Antagonist is ultimately defeated with an enchanted dagger forged by Lazarus.
-Instead of a transformed Iconoclast castle, the castle used as Raven Dark's base is castle Judgiollas.
-The revelation that Murlock and Raven Dark are brothers is revealed later on in the story.
-Valkereye, the antagonist of part 3 is mentioned.
-Protagonist's friend is arrested, put on trial for his crimes, and is nearly executed. It takes a meeting with the spirit of his deceased wife to start his path to redemption.
-The battle of Iconoclast is greatly expanded.
-Leoric dies.
-Instead of a magic spell, protagonist gains entry to the floating castle using a restored fighter plane.
-Murlock takes part in the final battle as does Albrecht and Penelope. It is he, not the protagonist who engages in a swordfight with Raven Dark.
-Agnes trains in the usage of protagonist's weapons.
-Protagonist interacts with the spirit of his lover not on the floating castle but in Iconoclast bedroom.
-Agnes is not possessed by Raven Dark's spirit.
-Protagonist's mother invites Agnes to return home with them during the ending.
-Instead of sacrificing himself to complete Raven Dark's seal, protagonist's friend sacrifices himself to destroy the power of the Sword of Judgment.
-Murlock takes part in forging the Sword of Iconoclast, binding the sword to his lifeforce to keep the power of the five swords together.
-Minerva and Edward remain king and queen in the ending. The wedding at the end is for Albrecht and Penelope.
-There is no Dark Light.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Loose End (Final Level)

E5M5 - The Loose End

With Revelin dead, Logan has completed his vengeance and exacted justice for Katrina. And wth the Scourge now a living memory, Logan has fulfilled his promise to Katrina. But his work is not done yet. He still has the dark sorcerer Raven Dark, whom he played an unwitting part in revivifying to deal with. To ensure the continued survival of mankind, Logan must confront and face down the man who was once the greatest knight the world had ever known. A hero must correct his mistake or die trying, knowing that if he fails, the end of humanity is assured.

Replaces "Balcony of Judgment".

Thursday, 18 August 2016

In Katrina's Name

E5M4 - In Katrina's Name

At long last, Logan gains entrance into the castle. He quickly learns that the combined forces of the world of Iconoclast have defeated the Scourge's ground troops. The remaining soldiers cast all blame on their commander, Revelin for not having had Logan killed much earlier during the war. With the Scourge on the verge of being purged from the Earth (try saying that five times fast), and the few remaining soldiers blaming him for causing the downfall of the greatest army in history, Revelin is finally pushed over the edge into total madness. Logan must now fight his way through the castle and pursue his arch rival, the last of Katrina's executioners until he can face down Revelin in a climatic showdown. Everything Logan has done, all in the name of his true love boils down to this!

Replaces "The Dark Sorcerer's Keep".

Monday, 25 April 2016

Judgment Keep

E5M3 - Judgment Keep

Having breached the outer defenses of the castle, Logan now stands before the main gate. In an attempt to halt his progress, the Scourge seal the gateway. He must now find a way to raise the gate in order to launch a final assault on the Scourge in their new base. But he must hurry, for every moment the Scourge delay him brings Raven Dark closer to his final victory over the land.

Replaces "Underhalls" and "Halls of Darkness".