Sunday, 24 April 2022

Progress Update

 I'm still at work on the project. I've completed the outlines for 33 levels! Mind you, so far, I'm just working on the architecture, though there is some texturing and spritework done. I'm also still looking for someone to provide voice acting for the protagonist. Please email me at if interested.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Scourge of Humanity Fix Available!

 I finally got around to correcting that fix in the Shrine of Elemental Destiny level where the door at the hedgemaze still wasn't unlocked after flipping all five switches. Now you can finally complete the level without cheating! I apologize if it took so long to achieve.

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Progress Update

Been a while since my last update. And I want all fans to know that I am still working on this installment.

So far, I have been working on level outlines. I have sixteen of them done so far, that's a third of the project done. By level outlines, I mean I have only done a little bit of texturing and spritework, but the archetecture of those levels is complete. So stay tuned for more updates in the future.

Friday, 1 September 2017

LOI3 Story Revealed

Return to the world of Iconoclast for the sixth and final time in the largest, darkest, and the most epic adventure yet. Take on the role of a familiar hero remade for the remake and help him fulfill his valiant destiny.

Nearly a century has passed since the Scourge War, the greatest conflict in the history of the land since the War of Wizardry. Years of peace have come and gone since Logan helped turn the tide of the war and lead the world of Iconoclast to victory. Though Logan has not been seen since, his deeds earn him the legacy of being the greatest hero the land had ever known since Lazarus. A realmwide holiday called the day of Logan is celebrated every year to honor his deeds and how he forever changed the course of history for the greater good. The kingdom of Judgiollas is eventually restored to its former glory by Murlock and those he recruited. Yet the long forgotten land of Pandorium remains forsaken because of the dark magic that still haunts the continent long after the great conflict that occurred nearly sixteen centuries ago.

But history repeats itself and peace is a mere shadow of what transpired in the past. A mysterious new outside army has invaded the realm and seized control. This force, calling itself the Hands of Despair, are the successors of the Scourge. But while the Scourge focused on campaigns of fear, destruction, and genocide, the Hands of Despair instead focus on destroying the spirit of the population. They seize important resources, destroy trade ships, enslave able-bodied individuals, and impose martial law on the general population. Those who openly defy them risk the very destruction of all they hold dear.

Judgiollas suffers the worst as it is the kingdom from which the Hands of Despair have their main base, cutting them off from the rest of the realm. As a result, rumors spread throughout the remaining five kingdoms of Iconoclast, Dunkilus, Tamirtania, Arcanius, and Naphorphia that Judgiollas is in league with the enemy, further isolating them. No one is more troubled than Murlock who fears and suspects that his brother Raven Dark has escaped the magical curse that imprisoned him at the conclusion of the Scourge War.

Inspired by Logan's legacy, the fires of rebellion begin to burn within the hearts of the people. An underground resistance movement is formed realmwide. Some of its members consist of those who have nothing left to live for but the promise of vengeance against Despair and freedom from the enemy's tyranny. Others have lost their homes and seek sanctuary alongside their families. The rebellion has everything they need to fight back: bodies, weapons, spies, and supplies. All they need is a champion to aid their cause. A hero worthy of Logan's legacy.

Meanwhile on Earth, Vincent Valiant Orbison's life is on a downward spiral. His nyctophobia has once more gotten the best of him, this time during the Great American Solar Eclipse, bringing a quick end to his new career as a police officer and tarnishing his reputation. His friends, girlfriend, several of his relatives, and a fraction of the public turn their backs on him. To some, he is a laughingstock, to others, an object of scorn. But his life is dealt yet another blow when much of his extended family are massacred at a family reunion and he is suspected of being responsible. With nothing left to live for, his name in ruins, homeless, and without a friend in the world, save Engelbert Perdido, a mysterious homeless drifter, he embarks on a one man suicide mission against the killers of his family, to avenge their deaths or die trying. Regardless of the outcome, he has no intention of living another day.

What began as a vengeful suicide mission takes an unexpected twist and Vincent finds himself in a mysterious new world beyond his imagination. Vincent also learns that the killers of his family were in league with the Hands of Despair, the force that holds the general population of this world hostage. When it is discovered that Vincent is Logan's great grandson, the people depend on him to be the savior they need, and the resistance against the Hands of Despair looks to him as their champion. And Murlock eventually realizes that his worst fears have been confirmed.

Joining forces with the rebellion and helping the world fight back, Vincent makes new friends including Estella, the free-spirited rebellious princess of Iconoclast who longs for freedom beyond the castle walls, Rupert, a member of the rebellion who is trying to live up to the legacy of his great-grandparents who fought alongside Logan during the Scourge War, Giselle, a representative of Judgiollas who not only joins the resistance to help free her kingdom, but to restore her family's honor as it was one of her relatives who inadvertently released Raven Dark, and Murlock himself who continues to seek redemption for his past.

As his efforts uplift the spirit of the people, Vincent finds himself the primary target of the Hands of Despair, as well as uncovering a conspiracy within the royal family of Iconoclast, romancing Estella who becomes Murlock's apprentice, discovering a family that he never knew existed, and slowly uncovering the secrets of Engelbert, who is revealed to have formerly lived in this world. Through it all, he slowly rediscovers a renewed purpose and new reason to live.

His journey will take him through forests, countrysides, train stations, lakes and streams, manors, caverns, cities, crypts, temples, shrines, castles, trains, swamps, submarines, mills, logging camps, ocean rigs, frozen tundras, mountains, a hidden base at the bottom of the sea, and an enemy airship. His travels will even take him to the forsaken continent of Pandorium where he discovers a history that has been long since forgotten by the rest of the world. But when a powerful new enemy arises to plunge all humanity into eternal darkness, Vincent must force himself to overcome his fear to be the savior humanity needs. Otherwise the legacies of his great grandfather Logan and ancestor Lazarus will be destroyed, the work started by Murlock's brother and father will finally be complete, and a doomed humanity will die cursing his name.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Details About Part 3

Today, I will release some details about the third and final part of the LOI Trilogy remake.

Part 3 will be entitled "Valiant Destiny" and will reintroduce us to Vincent Valiant Orbison from the original as the protagonist. He is Logan's great grand-son. Other known character from the original will appear including Estella and Valkereye, who like Vincent will all have improved characterization.

Part 3's story will be darker and more epic than that of Unfinished Business. The game will have more than twenty-eight levels, making it larger than part 1 or 2. Unlike the original, there will be a few levels set on Earth. Ideas I have so far for maps include the following, some of which have not been seen yet in the series (or the history of the Build engine) so far:

-train station
-lakes and streams
-shrines and temples
-grain elevator
-undersea base
-ocean rig
-frozen tundra

New characters introduced to the remake are Estella's mother and two older sisters, the oldest of which is a half-sister and a minor antagonist, several members of the resistance, and a couple of restless spirits.

On my next post, I'll release the plot.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Plans For LOI3

More than a month after the release of LOI2: Unfinished Business, downloads are still slow. I'm still a little disappointed by the low number of downloads. All together on all sites where the file is, only about 150 people have downloaded the game.

But fear not faithful Bloodlites. This does not mean I will cancel plans for the third and final part in the remake trilogy. As you all know, the original LOI3 was considered the best in the trilogy. It was the biggest and the largest segment of the trilogy. And the same will happen with the remake to LOI3.

Continuing the tradition of Scourge of Humanity and Unfinished Business, part 3 will be made better. The story will be improved, as will level design. I'm still gathering ideas for the story, but in the end, the story will be more complex than that of Unfinished Business. Who knows? I may need more than twenty eight levels.

Part 3 will introduce us to a familiar hero from the original (no, not Caleb as he's more of an anti-hero and a lot of people didn't like his transformation to a hero in the original). Part 3 will tie up the loose ends left at the end of Unfinished Business. Like Unfinished Business, most of the levels will be remade or even replaced altogether and adding new levels. There will be new music, new sounds, and the overall game will be more complex, epic, and darker. The story will introduce new characters not seen in the original LOI3, and those who appeared will be redone.

Overall, it will be a worthy and satisfying conclusion to the LOI remake trilogy.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Unfinished Business Released!

Finally, after five years of waiting, the community of bloodlites can rejoice! The day is here when the next chapter in the remake of the LOI trilogy is available for download! This actually comes with an installer to keep your Blood directory cleaner (unlike Scourge of Humanity). So far, this collection of maps for Blood is my best work so far!