Sunday, 18 December 2011

What Will You Get In LOI1 Remake?

In response to questions about what will be in the mod and what players can expect, here's a list of what you'll get in Legends of Iconoclast Part 1 : The Scourge of Humanity:

-28 levels, 14 of which are brand new and never seen before! Explore new areas such as the Sewage System, Deadwood Forest, Catacombs, Ramparts of Fortitude, Forbidden Thicket, and the spinechilling Phantom Wood!
-Improved level design. Some levels will have more sprites, new sectors, more special effects, and more sounds.
-All levels now have improved lighting. They will also have depth cueing.
-Features of the Plasma Pak are available: new enemies, new weapon modes, new art, and new sounds.
-Dozens of new sounds!
-Twenty eight new music tracks!
-Improved storyline. Due to criticism of Caleb's portrayal from anti-hero to hero, there will be a new protagonist and new antagonist.
-Due to complaints of long text cutscene times, readable text files will come with the game. Messages will pop up at the end of certain levels telling you which file to read so you can follow the storyline.
-An estimated five hours gameplay time!

Sounds exciting? It is, believe me! I've already played through it all myself today!

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