Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Loose End (Final Level)

E5M5 - The Loose End

With Revelin dead, Logan has completed his vengeance and exacted justice for Katrina. And wth the Scourge now a living memory, Logan has fulfilled his promise to Katrina. But his work is not done yet. He still has the dark sorcerer Raven Dark, whom he played an unwitting part in revivifying to deal with. To ensure the continued survival of mankind, Logan must confront and face down the man who was once the greatest knight the world had ever known. A hero must correct his mistake or die trying, knowing that if he fails, the end of humanity is assured.

Replaces "Balcony of Judgment".

Thursday, 18 August 2016

In Katrina's Name

E5M4 - In Katrina's Name

At long last, Logan gains entrance into the castle. He quickly learns that the combined forces of the world of Iconoclast have defeated the Scourge's ground troops. The remaining soldiers cast all blame on their commander, Revelin for not having had Logan killed much earlier during the war. With the Scourge on the verge of being purged from the Earth (try saying that five times fast), and the few remaining soldiers blaming him for causing the downfall of the greatest army in history, Revelin is finally pushed over the edge into total madness. Logan must now fight his way through the castle and pursue his arch rival, the last of Katrina's executioners until he can face down Revelin in a climatic showdown. Everything Logan has done, all in the name of his true love boils down to this!

Replaces "The Dark Sorcerer's Keep".

Monday, 25 April 2016

Judgment Keep

E5M3 - Judgment Keep

Having breached the outer defenses of the castle, Logan now stands before the main gate. In an attempt to halt his progress, the Scourge seal the gateway. He must now find a way to raise the gate in order to launch a final assault on the Scourge in their new base. But he must hurry, for every moment the Scourge delay him brings Raven Dark closer to his final victory over the land.

Replaces "Underhalls" and "Halls of Darkness".