Thursday, 26 November 2015

Apocalypse Courtyard

E5M2 - Apocalypse Courtyard

Before he can enter the into the main keep of the castle, Logan must fight his way through the outer courtyards in order to raise the gates leading to the main keep of the castle.

Replaces "Apocalypse Tower"

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Sky Ramparts

E5M1 - Sky Ramparts

As the armies of the land join forces to combat the Scourge's ground troops, Logan uses his deceased father's WWI fighter plane to gain access to Raven Dark's sky palace which the Scourge now use as their new base to wage war on humanity. Although the plane is destroyed Logan successfully gains entry to the castle of the kingdom Raven Dark once served in his days as a knight before his fall from grace. He must now fight his way through the outer defenses of the palace as he begins his final assault against the Scouge. So begins the end battle to determine the fate of humanity.

"Replaces "Raven Dark's Sky Palace"

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Friend Or Foe?

E4M6 - Friend or Foe?

Logan stumbles upon what turns out to be the final resting place of none other than the Scourge's founder, his fallen enemy Garibaldi. Confronted by Janus, the lieutenant of the Scourge, second in command only to Revelin, Logan discovers that Raven Dark has bestowed terrifying powers upon his former friend. He must now force himself to fight Janus. With so much at stake this is no time for a hero to be sentimental!

Replaces "Cheogh's Sanctuary" and "The Master Room"

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Scourge's Command Sanctum

E4M5 - Scourge's Command Sanctum

Logan has penetrated deep into the heart of the Scourge's fortress. Here is where the Scourge make all their plans and strategies for war. It is also here where they house their dungeon where they have imprisoned their prisoners of war. Understanding his role as a traitor who knows his true loyalties lie with the people who depend on him, Logan must uncover the Scourge's plans for their final invasion of the world, find a way to free the prisoners, and recover the elemental swords. But the Scourge are prepared for Logan's arrival and their security has become tighter than ever.

Replaces "The Spider Queen's Lair" and "Inner Sanctum"