Friday, 22 July 2011

Scorch Cavern

E3M6 - Scorch Cavern

Within the heart of the mountain, Logan finds himself in a hellish cavern. To avoid being roasted alive in this volcanic environment, Logan must watch out for hellhounds and vegetation that can withstand the heat. To find his way out and reach the castle on the mountain summit, Logan must do battle with a vicious two-headed guardian. Can you take the heat?

Changes from original map:
-Added more gibbable stalagtites.
-Removed the hard to reach secret that was reached from dropping down a dark pit.
-Removed some hidden exploders, including the surprise explosion that occurred when you entered a certain tunnel near the beginning.
-Reduced the number of hellhounds and added some fire pods.
-Changed some textures and sounds.
-Added another secret.
-Gibbable statues replaced with pushable stone pillars.
-Added drip generators.
-Placed an armed proximity mine near cracked walls you need to blow to proceed.
-Changed/removed certain items.
-The lava river you jump over at the start has been changed to a stone platform that lowers when a stone pillar is pushed. This was done to avoid "trapping".

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Lazarus Peak

E3M5 - Lazarus Peak

The boat takes Logan to a lone island where stands a great mountain where a powerful wizard named Lazurus made his home. Somewhere up above is the castle that Garibaldi now uses as his base. Logan must make his ascent and navigate waterfalls, cliffs, and lava fields. One wrong move means certain death from broken bones or from being roasted alive.

Changes from original map:

-Added new sectors and removed several others.
-Added more secrets.
-Changed some textures.
-Added new special effects including sliding sectors.
-Removed most of the zombies from the sectors kept from the original version.
-Removed most items from the secret atop a stone pillar.
-Added more sounds.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Forbidden Thicket

E3M4 - Forbidden Thicket

In exchange for breaking Garibaldi's curse over the land, Murlock promises to send Logan back to Earth. Logan accepts the deal and begins his new mission. First he must make his way through the Dunkilus forests and swamps to reach the boat Murlock has prepared for this day.

Another brand new level.

Murlock's Keep

E3M3 - Murlock's Keep

Located beyond the barracks of the forsaken village, Logan discovers an old mansion, which unknown to him is home to the wizard Murlock, the only person to escape Garibaldi's curse. Could Logan be the savior Murlock has been waiting for?

This is another replacement level. Replaces the "Tower of Murlock".

Dunkilus Gate

E3M2 - Dunkilus Gate

Deep within the forest, Logan finds another forsaken town inhabited only by stone statues. Could it have something to do with Garibaldi's vengeful curse long ago?

Changes from original map:

-Changed some textures.
-Added some new sectors and removed a few.
-Changed bodies of water into swamps.
-Added a few new secrets.
-Shooting the bell in the bell tower now actually does something. You need to do so to find the super secret.
-Removed the zombies and a large portion of the bats.
-Added eels, gillbeasts, and a few spiders.
-Added more sprites to decorate.
-Changed appearance of statues.
-You can now jump over the ramparts.

Phantom Wood

E3M1 - Phantom Wood

Beyond Garibaldi's cathedral, Logan enters a haunted forest. Eerie winds, howling wolves, and a battle with the mother spider will test his nerves and his courage.

Probably one of the most spine-chilling levels ever made for Blood. Check it out at:

Since I uploaded it, I made the following changes:

-Removed the rocks from near the end.
-Removed one of the green pods.
-Placed a secret in the well.

Garibaldi's Sanctuary

E2M7 - Garibaldi's Sanctuary

Logan stumbles upon Garibaldi's private garden where he confronts the evil archbishop. Garibaldi retreats however, but not before summoning four demonic gargoyles to deal with the "traitor". One thing's for sure, Logan does not intend to die so easily.

New boss level.

Chambers of the Scourge

E2M6 - Chambers of the Scourge

Logan delves deeper into the cathedral as he continues his search for Garibaldi. Aside from the catacombs and gardens, Logan also pays a visit to the grounds where his beloved Katrina met her end. Logan swears that nothing will stop him from making Garibaldi pay for his sins.

Another new map.

Bascillica of Garibaldi

E2M5 - Bascillica of Garibaldi

What was once a place of worship has been converted into the Scourge's home base. Now that he is in enemy territory, Logan must be on his guard for the Scourge by now are aware of his presence. While he's here, Logan has also decided to pay some last respects to his dead Katrina.

Changes from original map:

-Moved from episode E5M3 for story purposes
-Changed many textures
-There are now only three demon heads to shoot instead of four to open the gate. They are also larger and positioned differently.
-Added new sounds.
-Removed much of the outdoor sectors connecting the two buildings.
-Removed the enemies from within the cathedral in the altar room to eliminate any lagging problems.
-Added new sectors.
-Added several new secrets, three of which can be accessed by playing the organ.
-Accessing the super secret now requires a key.
-Added a cemetery.

Deadwood Forest

E2M4 - Deadwood Forest

Continuing his exploration of this unknown land, Logan stumbles across the corpses of several dead Scourge soldiers and a familiar landmark. Now realizing that he is back in the Scourge's home base, Logan is one step closer to achieving vengeance. But while the forest is long dead, several species of plant life still thrive off the flesh and blood of those less fortunate.

Another brand new level exclusive to the remake.

Iconoclast Castle

E2M3 - Iconoclast Castle

Past one of the gates, Logan discovers a majestic castle, which too is devoid of human life. Inside, Logan discovers the sight of a violent death long ago as well as a symbol of a sword surrounded by five others. What could it all mean?

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures.
-Redid the inside of the castle. Added new sectors and moved the throne room to a new floor.
-Added spiderwebs with spider sprites you can gib.
-Added more sprites.
-Changed the location of the key needed to enter the castle.
-The balconies and front two towers are now accessible.
-Changed the inner moat into an inner courtyard where you can go for a couple of secrets.
-Added  a few new sounds.

Gate To Iconoclast

E2M2 - Gate To Iconoclast

Within the forest, Logan stumbles upon a civilization, but with no human life in sight, nothing but stone statues. What happened here?

Changes from original map:

-Some sectors have been removed. Others have been replaced. Those kept are retextured.
-The appearance of the statues has been changed.
-Added several portcullis'.
-There are no enemies.

Iconoclast Forest

E2M1 - Iconoclast Forest

Despite having successfully destroyed the ship, by then, it had already entered another dimension. Stranded in the unknown, Logan must explore his surroundings, find out where he is, and how to get home.

This is a replacement level. It replaces the original level "Where Am I?" Instead of a small cavern, it is set in a forest with green pods, delirium shrooms, trees, waterfalls, and rocks.

Voyage of the Scourge

E1M4 - Voyage of the Scourge

Successfully stowing on board the ship, Logan must now destroy it to prevent the Scourge from invading other worlds. He must gain access to the engine room, but first he'll have to fight the commander of the invasion, one of Garibaldi's elite soldiers.

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures.
-Added new sectors, including a new floor.
-Added new sounds, including an alarm that sounds at the beginning when certain conditions are met.
-Added a couple new secrets.
-Added new sprites for decorations.
-The route you take through the level has been changed.
-The end elevator from the original map has been removed.

The Harbour

E1M3 - The Harbour

Emerging from the sewers, Logan has arrived at the city harbour where the Scourge are beginning to load fresh carcasses to use to make Garibaldi's army of the undead. Logan must infiltrate the harbour and find a way to stow on board the ship to end the madness.

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures.
-Added some new sounds.
-Added more sprites to decorate.
-More new sectors, including the ship!
-Added a couple more secrets.

Sewage System

E1M2 - Sewage System

With the bridge blocked, Logan is forced to descend into the sewers below the city. Not a very pleasant location and not very easy on the nose either! Solve two combination puzzles, swim through sewage (yuck, remember to visit your laundromat later), and climb ladders and pipes. Beware that some creatures can survive even under raw sewage.

The first of the new levels exclusive to the remake. See it for yourself at:

Since I uploaded it, I made a few changes:

-Changed dripping water sprites into waterdrip generators.
-Changed some sounds.
-Changed some textures.

Detailing the Levels: City Under Seige

Now the fun part begins with this blog, detailing the levels and giving sneak peeks to peak everyone's interest.

E1M1 - City Under Seige

Ambushed by a member of the Scourge in his apartment, Logan's quick reflexes are what saves him. But the Scourge have already invaded his home city. He must find a way to reach the city harbour to locate the source of the invasion. Out in the streets, Logan witnesses the massacre of innocent civilians, hardening his determination to eradicate the Scourge and save his world.

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures
-Added several new secrets
-Added several new sounds
-Added several new sectors such as chimneys and a truck.

You can see the new version of this map at:

Since I uploaded it online, I made several changes.

-Added Innocents that your enemies will kill.
-Added corpses that you can gib.
-Added a balcony.
-Changed a few textures.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Plot And Protagonist

LOI is getting a new look, starting with it's protagonist. Since many have criticized Caleb's portrayal in the original, there will be a new protagonist. There will also be a new antagonist and a new plot.

Legends of Iconoclast Part 1: The Scourge of Humanity

In the final year of World War I, a new army was rising to power. This army, a religious military organization known as the Scourge, founded by a mysterious man named Garibaldi, had members from all across the world and other dimensions. Whether they were killers and murderers fleeing justice, or simple men and women seeking to find their place, anyone could join, promised glory and power. The Scourge made their base in a unknown dimension, free from the spying eyes of outsiders and non-members.

Among its members was a young man named Logan, the son of a gunsmith. Together with his love Katrina, Logan was one of the Scourge's most skilled fighters and sharpshooters. But when Katrina discovered that the Scourge, under Garibaldi's orders, were waging war against mankind, slaughtering the innocent to build an army of the undead to conquer all dimensions, she couldn't bring herself to be part of the madness. When she tried to resign, Garibaldi had her executed for her treason. Griefstricken and enraged, Logan vowed never to forgive Garibaldi or the Scourge.

When the Scourge invade his home city, Logan seeing this as his chance for retribution, determined to save his world, decides to fight back and somehow seal the Scourge from Earth and prevent further invasions. But his mission and crusade will take him back to the Scourge's homeworld where he'll discover the truth about Garibaldi, and a terrible secret his former master has been keeping. His journey will take him through forests, caverns, mountain cliffs, forsaken towns, the Scourge's cathedral, and finally through a monolithic castle, as he fights for revenge, redemption, and a chance to give meaning to the death of his beloved.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Past Returns To Life

Ten years ago in 2001, I released part 1 of the epic trilogy mod "Legends of Iconoclast", a mixture of Blood elements and medieval fantasy, creating a new story, new levels, uploading new music tracks and sounds. The blood community was greatly looking forward to it and I didn't disappoint. In the first week of it's release, hundreds had downloaded it. Obviously, the hype was very strong.

About a year later, part 2 was released. 2003 saw the epic conclusion to the trilogy. Part 3 was considered by many the best in the trilogy.

Legends of Iconoclast at it's time was the largest mod ever released for Blood with a total of over seventy levels spanning three games.

Now, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of when it was first released, I, Dwayne G. Anderson am proud to announce an updated release, a remake to put simply. LOI will become bigger, better, and more epic than ever, hopefully to become one of the best mods for Blood.

The following changes and improvements will be made:

-Level design quality will be improved. Depth cueing, lighting, more sprites, decorations, and special effects will be added.
-More new levels!
-More new sounds and music tracks! Some of the older music tracks and sounds will be replaced or removed.
-Features of the Plasma Pak will be enabled. New weapon modes, new art, new enemies, etc.
-Improved storyline. The plot will now have nothing to do with the Blood universe or canon. This was due to criticism of Caleb's portrayal going from anti-hero to hero. There will now be a new protagonist for part 1 and 2 and a new villain in part 1.
-Due to complaints of long text-cutscene times, cutscenes will now come as readable text files. Messages will play during the game telling you what file to read to follow the storyline.
-Some levels and episodes will be renamed.

My next post will detail part 1's plot.