Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Past Returns To Life

Ten years ago in 2001, I released part 1 of the epic trilogy mod "Legends of Iconoclast", a mixture of Blood elements and medieval fantasy, creating a new story, new levels, uploading new music tracks and sounds. The blood community was greatly looking forward to it and I didn't disappoint. In the first week of it's release, hundreds had downloaded it. Obviously, the hype was very strong.

About a year later, part 2 was released. 2003 saw the epic conclusion to the trilogy. Part 3 was considered by many the best in the trilogy.

Legends of Iconoclast at it's time was the largest mod ever released for Blood with a total of over seventy levels spanning three games.

Now, to commemorate the tenth anniversary of when it was first released, I, Dwayne G. Anderson am proud to announce an updated release, a remake to put simply. LOI will become bigger, better, and more epic than ever, hopefully to become one of the best mods for Blood.

The following changes and improvements will be made:

-Level design quality will be improved. Depth cueing, lighting, more sprites, decorations, and special effects will be added.
-More new levels!
-More new sounds and music tracks! Some of the older music tracks and sounds will be replaced or removed.
-Features of the Plasma Pak will be enabled. New weapon modes, new art, new enemies, etc.
-Improved storyline. The plot will now have nothing to do with the Blood universe or canon. This was due to criticism of Caleb's portrayal going from anti-hero to hero. There will now be a new protagonist for part 1 and 2 and a new villain in part 1.
-Due to complaints of long text-cutscene times, cutscenes will now come as readable text files. Messages will play during the game telling you what file to read to follow the storyline.
-Some levels and episodes will be renamed.

My next post will detail part 1's plot.

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