Friday, 8 July 2011

Iconoclast Castle

E2M3 - Iconoclast Castle

Past one of the gates, Logan discovers a majestic castle, which too is devoid of human life. Inside, Logan discovers the sight of a violent death long ago as well as a symbol of a sword surrounded by five others. What could it all mean?

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures.
-Redid the inside of the castle. Added new sectors and moved the throne room to a new floor.
-Added spiderwebs with spider sprites you can gib.
-Added more sprites.
-Changed the location of the key needed to enter the castle.
-The balconies and front two towers are now accessible.
-Changed the inner moat into an inner courtyard where you can go for a couple of secrets.
-Added  a few new sounds.

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