Friday, 8 July 2011

Bascillica of Garibaldi

E2M5 - Bascillica of Garibaldi

What was once a place of worship has been converted into the Scourge's home base. Now that he is in enemy territory, Logan must be on his guard for the Scourge by now are aware of his presence. While he's here, Logan has also decided to pay some last respects to his dead Katrina.

Changes from original map:

-Moved from episode E5M3 for story purposes
-Changed many textures
-There are now only three demon heads to shoot instead of four to open the gate. They are also larger and positioned differently.
-Added new sounds.
-Removed much of the outdoor sectors connecting the two buildings.
-Removed the enemies from within the cathedral in the altar room to eliminate any lagging problems.
-Added new sectors.
-Added several new secrets, three of which can be accessed by playing the organ.
-Accessing the super secret now requires a key.
-Added a cemetery.

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