Friday, 8 July 2011

Detailing the Levels: City Under Seige

Now the fun part begins with this blog, detailing the levels and giving sneak peeks to peak everyone's interest.

E1M1 - City Under Seige

Ambushed by a member of the Scourge in his apartment, Logan's quick reflexes are what saves him. But the Scourge have already invaded his home city. He must find a way to reach the city harbour to locate the source of the invasion. Out in the streets, Logan witnesses the massacre of innocent civilians, hardening his determination to eradicate the Scourge and save his world.

Changes from original map:

-Changed many textures
-Added several new secrets
-Added several new sounds
-Added several new sectors such as chimneys and a truck.

You can see the new version of this map at:

Since I uploaded it online, I made several changes.

-Added Innocents that your enemies will kill.
-Added corpses that you can gib.
-Added a balcony.
-Changed a few textures.

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