Saturday, 5 May 2012

Part 2 Information and Plot!

Part 2 will be be entitled "Unfinished Business", a sequel which focuses on the protagonist continuing his war on the organization he was once part of as he seeks to tie up a few loose ends, confront his internal demons, and once more save the world.

Here's the stoyline:

Garibaldi is dead. His magical hold over the land has been broken. The curse is lifted and the people are free at last after being trapped in time for a thousand years. And it's all thanks to Logan, a savior from the outside. As promised, Murlock helped Logan return to his homeworld with help from a magical medallion that serves as opening the portal between Earth and the realm of Iconoclast.

Two months of peace pass. Life returns to normal for the people of the land. No one will ever forget Logan's heroism and valor. No one...including the remaining forces of the Scourge, Garibaldi's followers who now bitterly consider Logan a traitor who single-handedly sullied their pride as the most powerful army in the universe. Determined to reclaim what was taken from them, resume their war on humanity, and ultimately exact revenge against Logan, the Scourge launch an all-out assault upon the land of Iconoclast, leaving behind a wake of death, destruction, and terror. One by one, the elemental swords fall into their hands.

With the armies of the land powerless to stop this new threat, King Edward, Queen Minerva, and the wizard Murlock know that only one man can save the world of Iconoclast once more.

Meanwhile, Logan continues to struggle with his internal demons. Despite having foiled Garibaldi's plans to exterminate the human race, Logan is still tormented by his memories and the loss of his beloved Katrina, whose sacrifice spurred his struggle and turned him against his master and comrades-at-arms. So when Murlock summons him back to Iconoclast through the medallion, Logan readily answers the call of duty, determined to finish what he started.

Once more, the people of the land are counting on Logan, the greatest hero they have ever known, to save their world. This time, the battle is even more personal because not only are the armies of the Scourge now commanded by Janus, his closest friend within the organization, and Revelin, his greatest rival among the Scourge and another of Katrina's executioners, but Anges, a young woman from Iconoclast who bears a striking resemblence to Katrina is among several hostages taken by the Scourge. Even Logan's own mother, the only family he has left, has been accidentally transported to the realm of Iconoclast and now he must rescue her. But most of all, the Sword of Darkness has fallen into the hands of the Scourge who have freed from within it's blade the soul of Raven Dark, the evil dark wizard to whom Garibaldi long ago sold his soul for great power. And it seems Raven Dark too has some unfinished business to attend to in Iconoclast.

Logan can't help but wonder: has his own meddling brought forth a far greater menace than Garibaldi? And what will the people think when they discover out that their hero is a traitor to the very army invading the land?

Logan must fight his way through forests, crypts, chapels, monastaries, wastelands, caverns, canyons, war-torn cities, mansions, before he can infiltrate the Scourge's heavily defended fortress, rescue the hostages, recover the elemental swords, deal with his former friend Janus, settle the score with Revelin, and ultimately confront and vanquish Raven Dark within his palace. Only then will his tormented soul finally be at peace.

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