Sunday, 3 June 2012

Detailing the Levels: Logan Returns

E1M1 - Logan Returns

Activating the medallion takes Logan back to the world of Iconoclast, depositing him at a swamp at the entrance to a forest. So begins a new quest...

Originally, this map was "Tamirtania Forest" from the original LOI3: Trials of Destiny. Now, it has been remade with the following changes:

-Changed some textures.
-Added new sounds and gibbable mother pods.
-Added green pods.
-Masked off certain sectors to become secret areas.
-Added more sectors and sprites
-Reduced the number of delirium shrooms.
-Location of start and end has been reversed.
-Removed the cultists and fanatics near the original exit.
-Changed the water into a swamp river.
-Added some underwater areas with eels and gillbeasts.

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