Tuesday, 1 August 2017

New Details About Part 3

Today, I will release some details about the third and final part of the LOI Trilogy remake.

Part 3 will be entitled "Valiant Destiny" and will reintroduce us to Vincent Valiant Orbison from the original as the protagonist. He is Logan's great grand-son. Other known character from the original will appear including Estella and Valkereye, who like Vincent will all have improved characterization.

Part 3's story will be darker and more epic than that of Unfinished Business. The game will have more than twenty-eight levels, making it larger than part 1 or 2. Unlike the original, there will be a few levels set on Earth. Ideas I have so far for maps include the following, some of which have not been seen yet in the series (or the history of the Build engine) so far:

-train station
-lakes and streams
-shrines and temples
-grain elevator
-undersea base
-ocean rig
-frozen tundra

New characters introduced to the remake are Estella's mother and two older sisters, the oldest of which is a half-sister and a minor antagonist, several members of the resistance, and a couple of restless spirits.

On my next post, I'll release the plot.

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  1. 2020... And nothing :( I'm a bit too scared, but I understand, the project was way too ambitious and maybe could take so long but I have reasons for being worried because there's no any news since 2017. I hope everything it's okay, I'm a big fan of your work (sure I'm not the only one) so I hope to see and play this third part of the saga very soon :D at least a beta or something